What Is Elite profit academy? 

Elite profit academy is an online product based MLM, where we provide amazing value for money products that every online entrepreneur needs. Also out educational packages are second to none to take you from beginner to pro. We use a matrix based compensation plan that even has external income sources to ensure success. 


What Is The Difference Between Forex Elite profit academy  & Other Matrix Programs?


First and foremost Elite profit academy is based around sales of real products, not just around making money. Elite profit academy is backed by a stable trading operation, from which profits are used to PAY it forward for members to join the PIF matrix that on completion gets them access to the bronze teambuilder matrix where commissions are paid on every position that falls below you. Additionally to both the above, with the requirement of doing the daily share task, this means that all members are actively building together. 


What Is The Cost Of A Package?


Our packages start from just $19.99, however you can actually get involved for FREE through the PAY IT FORWARD system.


How Many Packages/Accounts Can A Member Buy?


Members are allowed to by multiple positions/accounts depending on their financial strength.


Does Elite profit academy Pay Referral Commissions To Hard Working Members?


YES. Elite profit academy pays a 25% matching bonus so you whenever your referrals earn, you earn too. 


How much of each sale goes to the external trading account ? 


50% of the value all sales from bronze package and above goes to the trading fund. 


What Is The Maximum earning potential in the elite profit academy PayPlan?


There is no limit, the potential is unlimited. 


How Can I Contact The Administrator(s)?


You can kindly use them from the CONTACT PAGE or FACEBOOK GROUP